Best Chess Apps for Tablet – Top 5

1 offers a brilliant chess application. attracts millions of chess players from all over the world and currently has over 7 million members. Applications by link allow you to easily find opponents at your level, no matter if you are a total beginner or a strong Grandmaster.

The application provides you with a tactical trainer that currently offers 56,650 unique positions and problems that are available for tactical training and that are not artificially configured, but from real games. In addition, the chess application allows you to read online chess articles and watch instructive video lessons.

Besides that, all the online content, your games, tactical problems and videos, you can also access directly from the website. This is especially useful if you played a game in the application on the fly and want to analyze it a few hours later at home on your computer.

In addition, the design of the chess application is very attractive and clearly structured, which makes it attractive for children as well. However, in case you don’t like the design, there are numerous ways to change the style of the pieces, the colors and the sounds of the board.

While the free version of the application offers you only limited access to these resources, you can subscribe to premium services such as Diamond, Platinum and Gold and enjoy even more great features.

The chess application is available on Android and iOS.

2 Chess Clock

Chess Clock is another chess application offered by If you love a little competition, a chess clock is an indispensable tool for your training.

If you know a chess friend to play a few games, but don’t have a chess clock handy, you can use this great chess application on your tablet to play under time pressure and thus accumulate a serious playing experience.

You can choose from many different time controls from 1 minute bullet to 5 minutes blitz and much more. In addition, the application allows for incremental time controls, so that after each player makes a move, they have an additional amount of time added to their remaining time. Finally, the chess clock buttons are easy to read and press, and the chess app is available in Android and iOS.

The ability to have a chess clock always with you on your smartphone or tablet really makes Chess Clock one of the best chess applications available.


If you want to play chess while travelling, you can also download the chess24 application for your tablet. The chess application Chess24 offers practically everything a chess player needs: not only is there a large playing area, which allows you to play against opponents of any level, but also many more training opportunities.

For example you can use the tactical trainer which has a large database of tactical problems including a collection of problems for all levels or watch many chess DVD series where high level Grandmasters like Paco Vallejo, Julio Granda, David Anton or Pepe Cuenca talk about openings, endgames and many more aspects of the game.

One of the best features is that you can download the chess video series and watch it offline. If you travel with your tablet and don’t have access to the internet, you can still gain a lot of knowledge by watching the video series offline.

Last but not least, the daily news from the chess world is always available on chess24 to keep you up to date. The chess application Chess24 is available for Android and iOS.


A fourth promising chess application for use in chess training is The application’s tactical trainer gives access to over 60,000 tactical problems, all taken from recent games and presenting a wide range of difficulties.

The best feature of this chess application is that it provides a variety of online game modes. In addition to the opportunity to play standard chess games with various time controls, you can choose from 8 different chess variants such as Chess960, Atomic Chess or Three Check Chess, allowing you to combine chess training with a lot of fun.

Like the other applications, this application is available in Android and iOS.

5 Play Magnus

Anyone can beat Magnus at chess… at least at age 5. On a list of the best chess applications, you can’t miss Play Magnus.

Play Magnus is the latest chess application available for Android and iOS that we would like to introduce in this article. The chess application is named after World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. It allows you to play against Magnus Carlsen in nineteen different skill levels based on Magnus Carlsen’s age rating. Therefore, the application offers you the opportunity to learn from the virtual Magnus Carlsen at different simulated ages.

You can set Carlsen’s age from 5 years to his current age. Of course, with the years in progress, the level of difficulty increases as well. In addition to that, the chess application also features many training videos with Magnus Carlsen himself. Some of the training videos are free, others can be unlocked by purchasing them. The videos are rated for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Conclusion – 5 Best Tablet Chess Applications

A few decades ago, chess players who wanted to play chess needed to find a human opponent or play against a computer. But today, many chess applications are available on smart phones and tablets. Today, players can play chess anywhere, anytime on their tablet.

A tablet is like a laptop but smaller and brings some unique advantages to the table. As we have seen, there are dozens of everyday situations where playing chess on a tablet is the best solution. Chess applications are going to grow in the future, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to take your chess set with you on your tablet.

We can only present 5 of the best tablet chess applications in this article. Of course, there are many more chess applications available. Let us know your favorite chess apps in the comments section.

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