Chess and Literature

Chess is being played and enjoyed by people around the world for over two thousand years. Had there been an award for game of the millennium, then it would undoubtedly belong to Chess. It is said to be invented in India around the fourth century B.C., by a Brahman named Sissa at Indian Rajah Balhait’s court and it was it was called chaturanga in Hindi. Although it was mentioned in the literatures that chess occurred in a Persian romance, the Karnamak, written about 600 A.D.

During the times of Alexander the Great it is said that his conquest of India brought the game to west Persia sometime in 331-333 BC. After that it moved east from India along land exchange routes into the Orient where it was later called chatrang when it reached west from Persia into Arabia. Then from the east it spread across northern Africa and invaded Spain in Europe.

Known as ‘Ajedrez’ in Spanish, it spread rapidly all over Europe and already conquered the Russian interests before Persia. So before America was discovered, chess had a firm and established following on three continents as a supreme fascination and test of mental ability, a game enjoyed by both nobleman and peasants. Many noble kings and queens were fascinated by chess, like Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain, Churchill, Napoleon, and the great mathematician Euler. Benjamin Franklin. After knowing the significance of chess, it was considered more than just an idle board game.

There are many books that have been specifically centered on chess describing its usefulness. In literature, it is used as a guiding principle to all sorts of books and publications. In fact, a whole book can be written on the chess moves a person makes and how that affects their surroundings. It helps the reader a great deal to picture the battles and struggles in a book. Chess indicates abstract reasoning, a generally accepted quality present in both mathematics and music, is of prime importance.

Chess is also found in arts, in paintings, where the artist depicts a group of people playing chess. It also depicts ballet and musicals. It is basically played between two people, with the pieces placed on the chess board. The pieces are of two colors, commonly black and white having different shapes. The pieces include Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights and pawns. Each player makes one move after the other player’s turn. There are varieties of chess available. The whole object of the game is to target the King which implies the game’s over. It’s called ‘Checkmate’.

Surprisingly, it is also a popular game played in nursing homes, old age homes or elderly care communities for its mind stimulation benefits which helps the elderly people in maintaining their mental ability. The endless benefits and facts still continue to reflect on every individual who knows how to play chess. Various researches have been conducted and proved that chess helps great deal and teaches concentration, patience and strategic planning.

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