Chess on Tablet

Chess books and magazines have lost their role as predominant sources of chess training. Thanks to technological progress, chess training software and online teaching have become increasingly attractive to the chess community.

You can also try other app games to train your brain

As technology evolves, more and more chess-teaching websites are being introduced to the market, making it difficult to determine which ones are worth purchasing. Therefore, when it comes to finding the best chess training websites and the best chess applications, we have many options.

For that reason, this article provides a basis for discussion and gives you an idea of the top 5 tablet chess applications available today.

Why play chess on a tablet?

Because of changes in the world of work, where we need to be as flexible as possible and travel more often, smart phones, laptops and tablets have an indispensable place in our lives. So why not use your tablet to play a little chess between all your tasks?

With a chess application on your tablet, you can play chess wherever you want – on the bus, on the beach in the summer, during a break at work. Many people are so busy that their time to play chess is extremely limited, so chess apps give them the opportunity to play on the go, when it suits them.

Modern tablets are similar to modern smart phones. The main difference, however, is that tablets are bigger than smart phones. Thanks to the larger screen size, tablets make it easier to play chess online and offer you a better playing experience. Because of the relatively small screen of a smartphone, you are much more likely to accidentally click on the wrong piece or move a piece to the wrong square. Instead of gaveling on g8, you can accidentally drop your queen on g7 on the smartphone. In this respect, tablets outperform smart phones by a wide margin.

Another advantage of using a tablet is that tablets often weigh only about a third of the weight of a laptop, so the physical burden of carrying a tablet is much less. On top of that, tablets fit easily into your backpack.

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